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Can't Update Bank Information: An unexpected error occurred

Each time i click the Bank Information Tab to update my bank information, a pop up appears Showing the next: Says An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later or contact your administrator.




Then the whole page gets freezing, once clicking any other tab, it works normally again, any suggestions?!

Occasional Member - Level 1

The same issue appears in different browsers

Occasional Member - Level 1

Any one can help?

Super User

dear @mibrah20,

my first thought would be that your currency is not set up for having your expenses paid directly via concur, and your company system administrator didn't hide this feature for users in your same situation (currency).

If instead your company had implemented the payment via concur directly, and you are e.g. in US, please reach out to your Company travel department or who is in charge of expenses to ask, but again my assumption is that within your currency there is not possibility to pay you directly via the system. I am curious to know. thanks for sharing the outcome.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi @Munari_alEXPert all solutions didn't manage to solve this, still showing the same message, thanks for trying to help