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Can Concur be configured to draft bank accounts of two different currencies?

We have offices in both USA and UK. For USA-based employees, their default currency is set to USD in Concur, and for UK-based employees, their default currency is set to GBP in Concur. When reimburse our USA-based employees with USD, Concur can do it by automatically drafting the company's USD bank account and depositing into the bank accounts under the employees' profiles. However, to reimburse the UK-based employees, it has been the manual wire process done by our AP so far. My question is: can Concur be configured to draft our GBP bank account as well to make reimbursement out to our UK-based employees?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@psong so I'm clear, your company is using our Expense Pay feature to reimburse employees in the U.S., correct? If so, it can also be set up to draw from a UK bank account. You would need to create a new Funding Account for the UK bank account and then create a new Employee Paid batch that applies to the UK group. I don't know what your SAP Concur admin permissions are, but you would need access to Administration>Company>Tools>Configure Batches to do this. If you do not have this access, you would need to submit a Support ticket to SAP Concur to get this set up.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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