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CTE_FIN_POSTING142 Inconsistent usage of SAP tax code and Concur tax code



During posting from Concur to SAP I get the following error:

"Inconsistent usage of SAP tax code (XX) and Concur tax code (XXXXXX…)" CTE_FIN_POSTING142.

The tax code is non-reclaimable. So, it is not generating an additional line item, but the tax is calculated.

I know there is a discussion on the forum about the same, but do not see any solution there.

- On both sides (Concur and SAP) the code is configured as non-reclaimable.

- on both sides there is standard configuration

Could you please tell what exactly happens and what (and on which side) is missing?


Thank you,

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It affects us too. We have the same error message as below. In SAP we use Vertex as tax engine. We want to use Concur tax code and tax amount to do the posting in SAP and by passing Vertex. I can see the tax amount in JSON file has zero even though it was configured in Concur as 19% for Germany.  How to fix this? 

Inconsistent usage of SAP tax code V6 and Concur tax code B72D95B28F88BD4F85AD2BE2E51CB9D9.

Message no. CTE_FIN_POSTING142


The SAP tax code V6 and the Concur tax code B72D95B28F88BD4F85AD2BE2E51CB9D9 are inconsistent. This may, for example, be because the SAP tax code is defined as fully deductible and the Concur tax code is fully non-deductible.


JSON file

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At the end the main reason was that the tax code on SAP side is maintained with conditions (FV11-FV12) and on Concur side the taxes should be defined as:


2. 100% reclaimable. (does not matter it is a full tax, reduced, etc.)

3. And then the BADi was implemented on SAP side.


No other option helped. No MWVZ, no rates like 19,8% instead of 20%, etc. Also a ticket was raised to SAP, where the answer was the same - only BADi will help.

In simple words - no matter how the tax is calculated on Concur side, the BADi was changing this logic according to the configuration on SAP side.


Hope this may be useful for someone in the future!


Kind regards,