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COVID-19 related Expense – WFH -Technology

I am writing in regards to Report#758B28A7970A454EBAC1  for COVID-19 Expense -WFH.  I have entered all information with receipts online but my case was declined due to “Amount Exceed Firms policy of $1100”. Total amount for my purchased was “$1,324.00” including ( Monitor, Mini CPU system, Keyboard , Mouse). I want to reimbursement the firm policy amount not over the policy amount. 


Purchase Items Information below




Samsung Monitor


Mini PC Desktop


Wireless keyboard


NexiGO Camera





Please need your assistance, how can I correct my online application or what I need to do? Please advise.

Frequent Member - Level 1

If you Concur configuration allows, use the Itemization Tab to Itemize one of the lines. For the Mini PC Desktop, I would itemize into two lines, one for $224 that you would check the box for "Personal Expense" and the remaining $315 would not have the Personal Expense Box checked. Your report total would still show the full amount, but the amount requested will now be the $1100 as allowed. The itemization video/doc on Concur Training site could be useful for this. Hope it helps,

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Community Manager
Community Manager

@umairkhan I believe I helped a colleague of yours with this issue. If you purchased the WFH equipment on your own personal credit card, then you will manually enter the amount of the expense in the Amount field. Since you spent over the designated allotment, just enter $1100 in the amount field. That way you won't be breaking the rule set by your company. Although your provided receipt will show a higher amount, you will be submitting within the amount set by your company. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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