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Occasional Member - Level 1

CITI corporate card transactions do not feed into my Concur

Hi, I have a new CITI corporate card, I've used the card successfully 9 days ago, but the transaction do not feed into my Concur account. I have setup the card in my Concur account before I used it.

I am a Ford Motor Company employee.

I contacted CITI and they said it was a Ford or Concur problem.
I don't think it is a question of just giving it a bit longer.


Does anyone know what the problem is.

thanks Conor

Occasional Member - Level 1

In order for your transactions to feed into your profile, your card has to be assigned to the profile.  This does not happen by you adding your card, it is a connection that happens when the card feeds into Concur.  Sometimes if the employee ID is not used or recognized the card does not get assigned and an admin has to manually assign the card.  You should reach out to your internal admin.