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CFO Paid for Hotel Expense on his personal Credit Card

The CFO paid for another employee's hotel expense on his personal credit card.  The hotel expense was added to the original employees approved Travel Request.  The CFO is going to create an Expense Report to get reimbursed, which will leave that expense unreconciled from the original Travel Request when I created the expense report for that trip.  Is there a feature in Concur that will allow the CFO to merge or affiliate the hotel expense report with another employees Travel request?  Just concerned that when I as a delegate go to create the initial employees' expense report, I will have that hotel expense listed on the request and it will not be reconciled on the expense report.  I need to somehow reflect the entire cost of the trip.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@cruza251 you cannot merge one user's travel request to another user's expense report. Even if the travel request shows a hotel expense, you can still submit an expense report without a hotel expense line item. I would just enter a comment on the report stating that the hotel ended up being paid for by the CFO.


Also, I would recommend not using the Create Expense Report option from the Travel Request. This would add a hotel entry to that report. Instead, create a new expense report, then use the Add Travel Request option. This will associate the request to the report, but will not add any entries to the report.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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