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Hello, I use my corporate card to take out a cash advance from bank.

With the old credit card(American Express) always appered automatic as a cash advance and I could add to the report that I choose, but now whith the new credit card(city) the cash advance that i take out from bank apears as an expense. ¿How can resolve this issue?


Is posible to select/move that ones manualy as a cash advance?


2022-04-25 10_39_16-Window.png



Super User
Super User

@Isaac  - Not sure how you can change how it comes in, but can you go in and select the "Cash Advance" expense type? It seems like maybe Citi sends something different on the transaction than AMEX did and the system is reading it as a different expense type. Not sure if this helps much.

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thank you but the problem witch the citi card and the cash retirement from th bank in the SAP concur don´t apper as cash advance only as expense... 

i need to move this to cash advance

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Isaac if you log in to your SAP Concur profile on the home screen you will see a Company Notes section. At the top of this section, your company has provided a link for help. Use this link to see how to handle this issue. Since companies handle these types of issues differently, you probably won't get a clear answer here on the community. So, reaching out to your internal help is the best way to get this resolved.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

@Isaac  I have exactly the same issue, did you solve it? 

Thanks in advance