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Best way to upload a receipt in the app?


I used the app daily to upload all my receipts on the go, but I've come to realize there are more than a few different ways to do it.  I typically use the expenseit button and take a photo of the receipt, and let the app send a copy of the photo to my iphone.  Then I use the website every week to organize, itemize, and complete the reports.  But there are times that the website doesn't match up receipts to a transaction, and also I've never seen any photos of my receipts in the "available receipts" area.  

So my question is; What is the best way to upload photos of a receipt on the go? 

 I want the website to recognize transaction matches and not create duplicates, have my receipts images match the app, the web, and my iphone. 

Can anyone advise me?

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @1000263209,

This is a great question! 

There are many ways to do this as you are aware. I look forward to hearing what has worked best for your fellow community members.  

Thanks for starting this conversation! 

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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BTW i am and administrator for my company

Depends how you work and how the expense are inccurred. 

Fowarding receipts by email

Any receipts or invoice you receive by e-mail you will get a better quality of image plus it's faster if you forward your e-mail to In order for receipts to be forwarded to your concur you need to make sure in your "profile setting" that the email the receipt will be coming from is set-up and verified.

Forwarding a receipt is easy to do wether you are working from your phone or a desktop. But of course not all expense come in by e-mail, but i am sure some of them you can request to have the invoice or receipt by e-mail, saving you from have to take the picture.

Using the Concur App

The other way that we use is throught the concur app which is how i believe you have been sending your receipts to concur. I find this is the best way for those meals, coffee parking , all those small receipts that are so easily lost. Getting into the habit of taking the picture right a way helps ensure, those are not misplaced. You should be to access the galary from the concur app when in doubt about a receipt making it the concur portal.

The other methods will not provide you with an analysed receipts (meaning concur is not reading it) they will simply show -up as images. Sometimes you don't have a choice but when you do opte for the other ways.

Matching and unmatching credit card transactions with receipts

 This can be done before it is put in a claim or report. Within the manage expense window on the right hand side you will see either a match or unmatch depending on the transaction you are on. It should automatically match the receipt and the credit transaction however sometimes it needs a bit of help, in the case of match click the 2 transactions and you should see a match appear in a blue box on the right hand, similarly when the receipt and credit transaction have matched incortly select the transactions and you should have the unmatch appear. PS this not full proof.


Hope this helps, happy expense claiming 🙂 


Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks for your reply. 

I work on the road, so I mainly use the expensit feature in the app to upload almost all of my receipts the moment I receive them.  Then I go into the website and add other receipts that I get by email and work there to finalize weekly reports.  But the expensit feature has always had had its drawbacks.   

First, the receipts don't always matchup duplicates on the website, leaving me with a line with the credit card transaction, but another line the photo of the receipt, and it is not possible to match them without losing the receipt image.  So I spend extra time deleting the line with the receipt image, because I can't delete the cc transaction.  And the receipt image is gone forever from the website because it was never in the "available receipts", and only came from my phone.   My workaround for this has always been to go in, find that receipt image in my Apple iPhotos and add it to the CC transaction line.  Last year this worked well, but now the glitch is that the expensit feature is not creating a receipt image in my phone.  Sounds like they are aware and working on it, but that only solves one issue. 

Why can't the app take photos of the receipts during any upload situation, and have the same images show up in available receipts on the website?


Occasional Member - Level 1

Because of the duplicate problems and sometimes ExpenseIt not quite recording things correctly for it to even flag as a duplicate, we decided to advise our employees to deactivate ExpenseIt so that they either capture the receipt on the go or if the credit card transaction has come through they capture it directly onto the available expense.  It's a shame because when ExpenseIt works, it's good but it's just too open for error...

Routine Member - Level 3

We don't use ExpenseIT (yet, that may change soon).

We advise our users to take a photo of the receipt through the app, then immediately create an expense from that with some minimal details - Expense Type, amount.  This helps with matching the expense to the credit card feed when it comes through.


One thing I've found odd is the receipt and expense become inextricably linked if the expense is created using the process I've described above.  If you detach the invoice through the website it doesn't go back to Available Receipts and appears as if it's been lost (it hasn't).  If you then delete the expense from the report then re-add it you will see the receipt against the expense.  This behaviour only occurs if you create the expense in the app and attach the receipt before initially saving the expense; if you attach the receipt to an existing expense then you can subsequently detach it and it will appear in Available Receipts.  This feels like a bug to me.