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Bank Character limit on Import File

Hi All, 

We are implementing a credit card file feed from a Bank in Singapore and we discovered they have a character limit of 6 digits for their ID's. Currently we use the Emp # (which has up to 8 digits) and cost center # to feed into Concur for other Regions/Banks,  


Any suggestions on how to use another ID form that could meet the bank requirements?




SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee


 Concur uses the employee ID you have in the users Expense profile to auto assign cards to users.   If the bank can't pass the same employee ID then you'll have to manually assign the cards to the users when they come through.  The only other option would be to use a different number in the employee ID field of the users profile that would work with the bank's 6 digit limit.  The number also needs to be unique to each user, perhaps similar to a payroll ID.  


Hope this helps!