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Available Expenses

We have been using Concur for less than a year. In the begining some employees were manually entering expenses to reports instead or dragging them in from "Available Expenses" 


How can I run a report in "Analytics" that shows Available Expenses by Employee?


Once we have identified the Available Expenses that have actully been processed, how can we remove them from the system so that they won't be processed again?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@mkbriand so, to avoid processing expenses again, Concur does have a duplicate transaction rule in place. So, if I manually create an expense on one report, then try and add an expense from Available expenses to the same report or a new report, the system should flag that expense as a duplicate. Now, this reminds the user they have already submitted the expense, it does not notify Finance/Accounting or their manager. 


In Analytics there is an Unassigned Credit Card Transactions report. This will show all users have Credit Card charges in their Available Expenses, but have not yet assigned them to an expense report. This report should help you. I've provided a screenshot for you. I hope this helps.





Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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@mkbriand Consider pulling the Expense Accrual Report and then filtering it for approval status "unassigned". That will bring up any and all transactions currently sitting your employees' available expenses queue. From there you'll need to find a way to complete your desired analysis to determine which transactions can be removed/hidden. If imported through Concur mobile/ExpenseIt/e-Receipt they can be deleted, if imported through your CC feed you should be able to hide them through your Company Card > Transactions screen.

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That worked, thank you!