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Automated way to convert email to PDF

Last month I had 87 expenses on my credit card that we're digital receipts. Emailing the ones that were an attached pdf automatically match when sent to which is great. Unfortunately, the doesn't hold true for 48 email that were plain Text/html.  For those, concur converts it to PDF, however it won't process the pdf.  

when trying to roll this out to users I am having a hard time trying to find out a way to explain that they must wait until they get to their computer and complete 5 additional steps per receipt that's not pdf. 


- open the email

- print to pdf

- open a new email 

- attach pdf

- send to

For me that 240 steps vs 48 steps of just forwarding. Seeing that concur automatically is converting these to pdf already it just seems natural that it could somehow process them.  I have looked at using Microsoft power flow, but that's a lot to setup for each person.   Besides looking at some 3rd party service, any suggestions on how to simplify and make auto-match work for text/html emails?