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Autoforwarding receipts to concur

I have a problem autoforwarding receipts to concur. I use gmail, which will only allow me to autoforward a mail to a verified address (i.e. one that you own or can respond from - Gmail sends a mail to that address, with a link to click on to verify it in much the same way as concur validates addresses. Obviously, I cannot click on the mail that Gmail sends to

Forwarding directly to works fine, but I would like my email system to forward receipts (using filters/rules) as soon as they hit my mailbox. 


I thought I had found a workaround for this by autoforwarding  the receipts to another mail address, which doesnt have the same verified address issue, and get that mail address to autoforward on to concur. Once again, forwarding directly from the new email address works fine, but autoforwarding does not work, the receipts are not being processed by concur (I have validated that the rules are working)


Has anyone else found a way to do this? Does concur not process mails which have been autoforwarded?




SAP Concur, Former Employee

This is a good question, Rama!


Thanks for posting. I am curious if others have tried to do this as well. The email system isn't specifically designed to work like that but you're probably not the only customer who has gotten creative with it.


Hey, community members! Any of you tried this and are willing to share your experience? 



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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