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Austrian Per Diems - New Travel Allowance Service



We must enable the new Travel Allowance service for users in Austria (Europe :-)). 


As SAP Concur does not offer the Austrian rate package, we must configure it ourselves. The Austrian rules are pretty complex. We wondered if anyone had successfully deployed the New Travel Allowance service for Austrian and is willing to share their configuration in some shape or form, e.g. via screenshots. 

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Great idea and done 🙂

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dear @travelexpexpert 

I had implemented 6 years ago the travel allowance for Austria, so I assume you meant that your contract with Concur is not including extra implementation for travel allowance, as if I am not wrong, it was set up as 3 per default.

Depend on how many employees are impacted, and effectively if it is a consistent number of employees, I would reach out to your Concur Account Manager and see the possibility to implemented for Austria.  I also found something on the net that might be useful to read, but in all it shows that there is already on the system the Austria Travel allowance that could be implemented.


I hope this helped or provided some hints to see the possibility to implement what you needed within your organisation.


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari



Thanks for your input. 


The document you sent can be beneficial in understanding the Austrian requirements. However, if you implemented it six years ago, this would not be the New Travel Allowance service SAP is rolling out and which applies to all new production sites (as we have been informed).  In any case, we find it more attractive and user-friendly. It's just that SAP Concur has only pre-configured a handful of countries, and for now, you'll need to configure any other country yourself if you can't wait. Happy to be corrected, but this is the information we received from support. 

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Community Manager

@travelexpexpert I suggest asking this question in the Admin Group as this forum tends to be more end user related issues. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Great idea and done 🙂