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Audit rules on report submit



I am currently rebuilding our expense configuration, including making better use of audit rules.


My question regards audit rules that fire on either report submission, but are warnings (as opposed to hard stop). Since these do not stop submission, the user does not actually see them because the report submission process continues.


Does anyone know if there is a way to generate warnings on report submission which are presented to the user *before* the report actually submits, so that they can review and potentially make amendments in response? One example is for duplicate transaction checking - the guidance explicitly states not to use this kind of audit rule on entry save due to performance impact, but this means the duplication warnings are only then of use to the approver as we do not wish to make these hard stops.


Any ideas much appreciated!


Best wishes,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@jmr101 So, I asked one of our resident configuration trainers about your question. The Entry Save option should not be used when your audit rule is looking at an aggregate total for a specified time range. The duplicate transaction rule can use the Entry Save option since it is not looking at an aggregate total. 


So, if your rule is not totaling up multiple lines, then Entry Save is a good way to go to make sure the submitter sees the rule before submitting. 


You can always build a new rule and test it out to see if there are any performance impacts. If you are on our Professional configuration, just your test users for these new rules to make sure they are working properly. 


I hope this helps. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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@KevinD  Many thanks for the quick reply. The Concur guidance - - top of page 39, says:


"Though you can select the event of Entry Save, it is strongly
recommended that you do not. Each time an expense is saved,
Expense will run the audit rule and check all submitted reports, which
can negatively affect performance."


I have tried using it on entry save and it does seem OK, although this is with a test user with no archive of submitted reports so I wasn't sure if that was a fair test.



On the wider point though, I do have other scenarios, aside from duplicate transactions, where it would be useful to have audit warnings (not errors) at report submit to check the overall report and highlight potential issues to the claimant before submission.





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Hi all,


I've now realised the premise of my question was wrong! Warnings generated on report submit *do* show up before the user clicks the final submit button! I'm sure I was told in the past that this was not the case, but maybe I misremembered or perhaps the behaviour changed at some point.


Apologies for any confusion caused!



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For our setup, we use exception level 98 for expense line items. It doesnt populate immediately but as expenses are added to the report, it will flag if the expense is a duplicate or not. It has seemed to work for us.