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Audit Rule for additional approval


I want to create a hard stop audit rule in Concur, which support for additional approval. Basically, in some of the expenses we need additional approval apart from line manager. We want to create an audit rule, which basically remind approver to secure additional approval in claim workflow before sending it for processor approval. Kindly suggest, how to create such audit rule. We have already enabled 'Approve & forward" button in Concur. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

@viv_prabha I don't think what you are asking is possible. What you describe is a report that has already been submitted. Hard stops prevent report submission, so the manager would never see the reminder message about needing additional approval. You cannot create a hard stop regarding an approval step. Also, you wouldn't want to do this as there wouldn't be any way to clear the hard stop.


As for using Audit Rules, all you can do is create a warning/reminder audit rule that approvers would see remind them that the report contains expenses that require additional approval. 


Now, you could create an additional approval step in the workflow based off of certain expenses, but if you don't have access to edit Workflows, you would need SAP Concur to do this for you.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

We do not want to modify workflow but let me if it is possible to create a pop up window, which remind approver to secure additional approver, while they open that claim in Concur.