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Attendees to meal/entertainment


We are requited to add an attendee to expenses for meals, drink etc when the expense type is meal/entertainment

This is a very slow and manual process when doing these for 40+ expenses per month

There is a bulk update you can do for settings like receipts, state and location etc - is there a bulk update for attendees that we can do in concur? I am sure i would not be the only one with this issue each month for a sales team 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dtechstr the option you asked about is not available. When adding attendees, the names will be saved to your list of previously used. So, for the second meal expense type, open the attendees option and you'll see the list of all those names from the first meal expense type. You can select all the names from that list and add them to the next meal expense all at one time.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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