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Attach a single E-receipt to multiple airfare charges




You may have a single travel itinerary consisting of multiple tickets charges for each each destination stop (city or country) (see below). 


In Concur e-receipt window, there is only one e-receipt for all the stops (see the snippet below from an airline e-receipt below).  We are required to attach a receipt for each of the individual airline ticket charges.  Currently, you can only attach the e-receipt to only one of the two tickets as shown in the example.  The only way to remedy this is to save a copy of the e-receipt to your hard drive and then attach it to the 2nd ticket.


See example below.



My suggestion is to create a software change where you can "click a box" and attach one receipt to multiple line items.  


Personally, I am having to download, save and attach the same receipt to multiple line items for a majority of the expense reports I process.  If you add up the amount of time it takes to do this in a year, I am probably using 30 hours or more to download and save e-receipts.  This is time that I could be using doing something else.


At the end of the day, it is all amount cutting out the waste in the process.

Community Manager
Community Manager

You can submit this as a solution suggestion through the Support option within SAP Concur. This forum doesn't have the capability of sumbitting solution suggestions. You could use this forum though to guage how well others like your suggestion before submitting it to SAP Concur. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I AGREE. I take multiple pics of the same receipt and upload them all. Or I will screen grab the one I have already attached, save, and browse to upload again. It's annoying AND time consuming.

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I have 8 flights on one booking.  I email 1 receipt 8 times and attach as the line items are processed.  Not clean.  Cheers.  James.