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Archived Claims

Dear all,


In my claims sometimes I've paid with my private card and filed in the claim this expense for reimbursement. I'm now trying to monitor these reimbursement on my bank account but cannot find (don't see) this costs reimbursed. What I first want to do is check my previous claims to check when and how much should have been reimbursed. I cannot find the history of my approved claims. Where to find this? And next step is where can I follow-up the reimbursement of business costs I paid with my private account? Thank you so much for your feedback.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Good Afternoon,


If you go into Concur and click the error on the open reports, it will bring you to the report library. On the right side, there is a dropdown where you can select what you would like to see.  This will provide all of your reports.   When you are in the report, you will be able to see the payment method of each line item.


Hope that helps.

Have a good day!



Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello Andi, I've found the history of my claims. That's very good. Now in some cases I spend my cash on business expenses. But I'm missing the re-imbursement on my private bank account. Do you know how re-payment is organized of cash I spend on business expenses? Thank you so much for your reply