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Approver Delegation

I know years ago, I had inquired about if it was possible to give access to a delegate approver for longer than 20 days.  I was told no but I wanted to follow up and see if there have been any changes since then.  Thanks for checking!

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@bmaslak21 Hello.  The Maximum Time Period to Approve (Days) refers to the number of days for which an employee can approve reports/requests on behalf of another employee under the temporary approval delegation option Delegate can approve during specified period.  If this field is blank, no time limit is imposed.
This field accepts a value within 1 and 365. If you add an invalid value, you will receive the message: 
The Maximum Time Period to Approve (Days) field must contain a value between 1 and 365.


In looking at your company Delegate configuration, the Default Group is blank, therefore, no time limit imposed.  However, there are several groups under the Delegate Submit Configuration where the Maximum Time Period to Approve (Days) is set to 20.  You will need to discuss with your Concur Admin.


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