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Approve & In Accounting Review

Sorry I am new to managing my companies expenses, something that has recently come is that several claims have now started to land in "Approved & in Accounting Review" I am trying to understand why, what the trigger would be for a claim to end up here, rather than just as Approved.  It is causing issues as its stopping me from being able to process the claims and issues payments to staff.

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Community Manager

@OwenTakoor approved & in accounting review are those reports needing final processor approval. Below is your company's approval workflow steps. You can see the last step is done by an Expense Processor. These are reports that are in the status of Approved & In Accounting Review. There isn't anything in the workflow telling the system to skip this step, so it is the last step that needs to be completed. 




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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hey there!
It's great that you're taking on the responsibility of managing your company's expenses. As for your question, "Approved & in Accounting Review" is a status that's commonly used in expense management systems to indicate that the claim has been approved by the relevant manager but requires further review by the accounting team before it can be processed for payment. I suggest you get the finance for non finance course to understand this topic better. Good luck!

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As the others have said, the last step before the report is marked approved sent for payment is the Expense Processor approving. At our company, we have two people with the Expense Processor role - the AP Specialist and me as backup. When the report is in Approve & In Accounting Review status she reviews each report, checking their receipts and making sure all are using the appropriate expense type, etc. As soon as she selects Approve, then our payment process begins, automatically submitting the batch to our third-party payment processor, Bambora.