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Occasional Member - Level 1

Approval issues

I have added a report acting as someone else, it has been approved once and needs the second approval in order to process.  I am usually the one who is the 2nd approval but now I am unable to do so for this report.  I have tried the send to someone else to approve and that doesn't seem to work?  I'm lost.  Can anyone help?  

Thank you in advance! 

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Routine Member - Level 3

dear @bvanderp 

if you have been the one submitting the expense report you won't be able to approve it at any stage. You would need someone else to approve on your behalf. So have set up a delegate approver on your profile, or asking the Expense processor within your company to do so. 


To check at which queue is the report to approve you can do it by going on the expense you submitted as delegate. Just under the name of your report there will be a few tabs, (Details; Receipts; Print/Emails).

1- Select "Details";

2- Scroll down under Report and select "Approval Flow".


A new window will appear showing who is suppose to approve.


Please verify and let me know if you got the answer needed. 




Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Routine Member - Level 1

Hi, bvanderp!


You submitted the expense report as a delegate.  Then the expense report came to you as the 2nd approver.  But Concur will not allow you to approve since your name is already in the workflow as the person who submitted the report. 


Have you tried adding a step to the approver in the expense report > approval flow? 

In the approval flow of the expense report, delete the approval step with your name.  Add a step for another approver and save the workflow.  Go to the processor and check the expense report flow to the other manager's approval queue. 


When everything else fails, open a concur support case 🙂


I hope this helps. 



Maria Steen