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Appending a receipt to a paid report

We noticed that users can still append a receipt image to an Expense Report even if it has been posted for payment. We have a case where the employee submitted an expenses and attached a Missing Receipt Affidavit to it since they do not have the actual receipt for that expense. They have submitted the report and it has been posted to our Finance System and after some time, the employee was able to find the actual receipt and attached it to the line item in the same report that was already fully processed. Concur still allowed the user to complete the receipt attachment, but would there be any value in this?

Occasional Member - Level 3

I'm assuming this would be for audit purposes? Like if in 6mos from now that report is chosen for an auditor review, it would be beneficial for the employee to have added the image receipt even after it is paid out. Not sure if that is the intended reason, though..

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Super User

We use this function as well for audit.  If receipts cannot be found, the report can be submitted with missing receipt affidavits, but we ask that if they can get the receipt from the vender or find it, that they attach at line or report level for future auditing.

Nancy Murray