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App Center Connection- Does Not Connect

Hi there,

Specifically for Uber (is how I noticed it, as receipts stopped sending automatically) but now for all other apps- I cannot connect through Concur. A pop-up window comes up to connect to the specific app within their app center, but then it doesn't communicate with Concur, and gives me the option to connect again every time.

My company doesn't have a Concur help desk, but I am desperate to get this figured out!

Thank you!


Frequent Member - Level 1

Hello @ocutitta,

I am having trouble following your post... When you go into "App Center" in Concur, you find the app you need, and you click it. Some are simply "Connect" or "Disconnect" if already connected.

Are those greyed out for you? Or have you already "connected" and the app itself will not connect? 

If you can "Connect" many of the apps have verification steps. For instance, Lyft will ask for your business email and then, send an email - or a verification number to your phone for Uber.

I'm not sure where in the process things are failing for you, or if I can be of more help. 


Travel and Expense System Administrator
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This is interesting.  I brought up a similar issue that we're having with Uber and not being able to connect with Concur.  The user that wants their Uber account connected does not have the ability to do so and Concur Coaching Bench is telling me that it is an Uber issue.  I think that if you're experiencing this with other 3rd party apps, then it's not them, it's Concur.  If I get a resolution I will be sure to share with the group.