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Occasional Member - Level 3

Any input on experience with Appzen Audit Service


I am looking for any input on anyone who has used or is using Appzen for their audit service? 

I understand they left Concur in June and went on their own, and after some meetings with them we are considering switching to their AI Audit services? However, I am looking for any pros and cons anyone who has used them can offer me? I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!


Occasional Member - Level 1

We implemented their solution in May and so far we love it. Appzen replaced both Oversight and Concur Audit Service for us.


Some pros for us:

Audit will be pre-payment and not post-audit like it was with Oversight.

Very easy to setup and implement.

Can make changes to your audit settings in real time and don't have to open a ticket




You still have to log into Concur to see any employee comments on the report


Occasional Member - Level 3

Thank you so much this is very helpful! I really appreciate it! Seriously considering this move once our contract is up for Intilligence!