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Any API available for Concur Expense PDF report

Using Concur login screens we can download our reports in PDF manner. But is there any API available in Concur to get the PDF's of expense reports against the user?

I found some API's which are generating reports in electronic data format, but I need the PDF.

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Drag the SAP Concur Adapter into the integration as an invoke connection. On the API Option page, select Extract API. This API enables you to request the extract of available data objects, such as approved expense reports, travel requests, and payment requests.  vidmate


Hi Paulsharry


Do this API gives the response in PDF? for my business scenario I need the PDF of the report (like when a end-user wants to download there expense report in PDF format).

Is this option available from API

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Hi Kumar,

Did you get the solution to your question?

If you got the solution please share it here.