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Occasional Member - Level 1

Android receipts -crashes

I'm experincinge the mobile app crashing when I take a receipt photo, or even try to attach s receipt picture from the Gallery.

The taken photo scrolls off the screen downwards when I hit the blue tick-box, and the app restarts when I bring it back up.

Performing the action to capture receipt repeatedly results in itit succeedi around once in every dozen attempts.

Runnimg version 9.62.1 (2018110209) on a Nexus 5x running Android 8.5.1.

Does anyone else experience this recently?



Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi there



We have resolved this issue.  We took 2 different paths. (one for crashing and one for rolling images)


1) Do you have expense assistant turned on.  Andriod seems to be very unhappy with this and you need to change the settings so, it accepts the image.  If you are unsure of the settings, please let me knw


2) We had an issue where the images where being captured and where not being accepted via Andriod.  To resolve this, we foudn we were not on the most updated version and there were settings again in the andriod phone that was incorrect.

We found out the incorrect setting, by resetting the users pin and asking them to click on the link on the phone.  When the link did not work, we changd the setting on that phone.


If it affects all of your users that have Andriod phones, that it best to refer it to Concur with the Phone type, version of the phone, versionof the concur application.  If it is one person, then resetting their pin number helps to determine alot of issues


Hope this information helps you