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Amex charges no longer appearing on Concur expense

 I have a transaction I am seeing on my Amex account for several weeks but it is not available on Concur yet. Seems to be only one, others are appearing.

What should I do?

Super User
Super User



Is this a corporate card or a personal card upload?  If it is a corporate card, it is possible the transaction is dated prior to your Amex card assignment in Concur, or it could be "hidden".  Check with your company Concur administrator and they should be able to verify either of these two scenarios.  


When a new card is issued, the card assignment allows for a specified (by card) # of days, transactions before this date can come into Concur.  Also some types of transactions can be "hidden" so the user does not see them.


Hope this helps!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@barbiera what is the transaction for? Which vendor and what is the amount? It is possible that at what @dlamont explained has occurred or maybe the transactions wasn't included on the file provided by the bank for some reason. 

I can take a look to see if the transaction is hidden, but I need some of the transaction details to know what I'm looking for. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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