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New Member - Level 1

Amex Credit card transactions are not getting reflected

Amex Credit card transactions are not getting reflected in Concur application even if the Credit Card information is updated in the Concur user profile. How can this issue be resolved?

Routine Member - Level 3

Check on the Amex profile of the cardholder that the info is correct on that side as well.  I have found typo's in the ID # that we use to match the employee in Concur.  You can also look at the Card Transactions in the Tools section to see if there are unassigned charges and you can match them to the employee.

Routine Member - Level 2

Go to the Administration > Tools > Company Card for any unassigned cards. 

On the same screen look for Managing Transactions, enter the cardholder name, and select Prior To Card Assignment.  This search will return any transactions that came onto Concur that have not been moved to the user's profile. 


Remember that not all vendors submit their credit card sales on the same day.  Some vendors may take a day or two and even a week to process their credit card receipts.  The card company will pay the vendor when the vendor submits the "demand to pay" statement. 

I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen