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American Express Late Fees

How are you idetifying late fees to employees in Concur. The current import of AMEX late fee details does not identify the transactions as late fees. therefore the employee sees the late fees as "Ammerican Express Initiated Activity" with no mention of Late Fee. How are you addressing that so the employee is aware it's imperative that they address the transaction imediately?

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dear user,

if you have access to Cognos reports, there are for sure multiple reports already available showing unsubmitted credit card transactions. Report will show as Credit card code probably "9999" and also "American Express Initiate Activity" that can be filtered from an excel file so easy to be send individually to employees. If the report is not set up with the employees email address, you can edit the same report and add those details to be included.

Another thing that employees have to understand, is that if they see unknown transactions on their statement, they should contact AMEX for question, as from time to time there some fraudulent transactions, and as people would do for their own private card, they should for the company credit card.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@biberwoke95 I think all you can really do is educate your users on what American Express Inititated Activity means. Maybe put a note using the Company Info option and send out some sort of corporate communication to everyone.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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If you hover your cursor over the Amex transaction icon, it will give you the detail on the late and delinquency fees.  I have Amex and mine come in with "No Vender Supplied" as the vender and I run reports on the vender to insure that employees are marking them personal.  We have instructed everyone that No Vender Supplied on an Amex icon is a fee and usually personal not reimbursed by the company.

Nancy Murray
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Late fees is a problem for the cardholder becuase it might affect their credit score. 


Here are some ideas:

1. You might want to send a communication to the users on how to address the late fees. 

2. If you have some type of monthly user calls you might want to explain on how late fees are generated.  When is the statement sent to user, when the payment needs to be posted to their acccount, how long does it take for the expense report to get paid, etc

3.  Use an audit rule to show a message to the user, card holders are liable for the late fees. 

4.  Use the reporting tool to identify users with late fees and send email reminding of their liability. 

5. Track the users with multiple late fees, reach out to them to help avoid late fees. 


I hope this helps.  Every company is different on how to address late fees. 



Maria Steen

Maria Steen