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Alternate report approver?

Is it possible to select an alternate approver for an expense report? Or add an approver in the approval flow? The approver seems to be hardcoded to my current manager, but I have an expense report that is covered by a different project/department. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@J-Wo every user is assigned a default approver. However, what you are asking is possible, but to do what you are asking your site admin would need to allow you to choose another approver. This setting is not done on an individual basis, so if it is turned on, it would be on for a large group of users. 


You can add another approver to the approval flow, but only if you have full site access which is obtained by completing our Advanced Configuration class. Otherwise, SAP Concur would need to do this. 


Lastly, there is an option that can be configured which is called Cost Object Approver where certain projects or departments are assigned an approver. What this does is anytime a project other than your default is used on a report, the assigned approver for that project would need to approve that expense on your report. This takes quite a bit of set up as well and would need to be done by someone with full site access or SAP Concur. 


Lastly, there is an Approve & Forward option that some companies use. Your current manager would see this button when they are reviewing your report. This allows your current manager to review and approve your report and then forward it to the project/department owner that the expense is covered by. 


If none of the options I've described are set up, then it might mean your company isn't requiring approval by other project or department owners when an expense is cross-charged to another project or department.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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