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We are in the process of moving staff onto Concur for their expense claims. However, some of our staff are on differing expense allowances which are permitted by HMRC (e.g. Frequent Traveller Allowance) whereby they receive an allowance (a per diem amount) but are therefore not able to claim certain items.

Has anyone tried to implement such a scheme using Concur?



Occasional Member - Level 3


I don't know anything about HMRC and how special their requirements are, but I guess most companies have differing "travel policies" for different kinds of travellers.

So, generally speaking, in Concur you could define several "employee groups" to which different sets of rules apply and then you assign your "HMRC frequent travellers" to a group for which certain expense types are not permitted and the allowance one is actually required.

If this was too general and your question was specifically about compliance with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, then please ignore my message.

Regards, Alex


Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks Alex. I will set up the usergroup and do some testing.

The personnel in this group will be using fuel cards (whereby the company pays for their fuel and they then deduct personal mileage) . Has anyone on the forum tried to implement Concur using fuel cards?