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Allocation of all Expenses

We allocate ALL our expenses. If a user forgets to allocate and tries to submit a report and RED ! exception appears and advise the user to allocate the line(s) not allocated.  Once a user allocates the lines and clicks Save, Done, the exception in RED! does not go away but remains on each expense line.  Only when a user submits the expense statement do they know the issue is resolved. 

Does anyone else have this issue with the exception not clearing when fixed?


We do not allocated after entering each line of the expense statement but at the end of entering all the lines in the report.



Occasional Member - Level 3


If you change your audit rule to "On Save" instead of "On Submit", the exceptions will clear once the user enters them.  However it will also cause the Red flag to appear as soon as the line is created.

"On save" checks the audit rule each time the line is saved.

"On submit" will only check when the user clicks submit.  There is no other way to resolve red flags with an "On submit" audit rule.


Mary S