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Allocation dilemma – data collection

We are attempting to collect data in a standardized format but are hitting a wall on possibilities. Our international employees occasionally work on US based projects but since they are in a different company we are unable to use the allocation function to charge those projects. We are looking for a uniform way to collect this data that will allow the employee to record the project number from the US based project list and provide the percentage to be charged. In other words, we need something to work like the allocation screen. Reason why we can’t use the allocation screen as is is because we have to bring into our ERP and apply a mark-up before charging the US based company. Anybody have any suggestions?

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For intercompany transactions we book actual expenses in employee company code and cost center, however in allocation form employee has to specify which legal entity to charge (another company code) and email address of person who owns the cost center. Then at the end of month accounting department runs a custom report in cognos, that extracts all expenses that has to be recharged and  issue summarized invoice with markup per company code. Hope that helps:)




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Hi -

My company is having a similar issue with allocating costs to projects. We have a project list set up similar to how cost centers are set but the project list is a 1 to 1 relationship. So, we can only assign 1 project to 1 cost center. If we have more than 1 project assigned to a cost center then it is hard to capture project cost. Any suggestions?

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As you may know in SAP you can post against 1 cost object, meaning that it should be either Cost Center or WBS (except for Statistical WBS). So if you want to post against 2 projects, you can allocate 50% to one and 50% to another project in allocation form, this way you will have to capture allocation level data for posting in ERP system.