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Allocation Search change request

Apologies if this has been discussed before - I did a search and did not find any relevant topic in the first 2 pages. 

This is more of a wishlist or request than an 'issue'.  In our University's configuration, part of our allocation screens when you go to add/edit an allocation and you search for the account (cost center in our lingo).  There are 3 search options:  by code, by text, by both.  

Is there any way possible that you all could please consider changing the default search option to be "by both"??  I know some of the accounts by code, but mostly by text - but if it just defaulted to both - no matter which one I type, it's gonna find it - I feel like that should just be standard/default.  

Thank you!

Occasional Member - Level 1

Also from a university and believe that the the most common sense option for the search should be set as both (or at least configurable by admins or users) 
Most people know the account numbers and not the names.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@jyounce Thank you for your post. I think this is a great idea. Currently the List Management options only allow you to set the default search to Text or Code, but not Both. 


This would be something you could submit as an improvement request. To view a new improvement request or vote on an existing improvement request, please visit the Customer Influence Website.


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Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
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