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Alert: This expense has no matching travel reservation.

I keep getting this alert:  This expense has no matching travel reservation. Use the expense report comments to explain why there was no reservation made for this expense.

All travel arrangements (Hotel and air) where completed through ADT Concur.

Don't understand why I keep getting this alert and would like to know the updated status of all expenses sitting in my file.  

Thank you.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hello @JeanetteADT , thank you for your inquiry.  It sounds like there's an audit rule in your system requiring that an itinerary segment is attached to the expense entry for Hotel and Air.  If the trips were booked in the SAP Concur travel module, then an itinerary segment should populate in your list of available expenses.  If you happen to see them in the list of available expenses, you can attempt to move them onto the expense report and if they match the expenses you've already created, the system should capture that and ask if you'd like to merge the expenses.   In order to know the status of our expense reports, I recommend reaching out to your SAP Concur Administrator at your company as they will be able to confirm the approval status.  Let me know if this helps.

Alexandra Robison