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Airline Credit that I can't delete



In Feb I purchased an airline ticket that I cancelled and immediately got a credit for. I didn't think to expense the ticket and credit, since they cancelled each other out. I deleted the original transaction from Concur, but could not (and cannot) delete the credit.


Fast forward to the expense report I'm late in submitting. It would not let me submit my report due to an 'old transaction,' which is the credit mentioned above. So, I attempted to manually expense the original ticket to off set the credit, since I still have the receipt. If I indicate that the expense was a card transaction (which it was an the receipt supports), I'm told that Concur can't find the matching transaction in their system (I deleted it, as mentioned above, not thinking I'd need to expense a refunded ticket). I don't want to indicate that it was a cash transaction because then the credit will go against the items I'm attempting to expense (the credit balance out the expense of the ticket months ago).


Again, I can't move the credit out of this report because Concur is indicating that I have an old transaction (the credit) I must submit in this report. And I can't delete the credit either.


Any ideas?

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Tyler,


My response is assuming you are not an administrator for your company.  I have not worked on the expense side in a bit, however, in the past the company internal expense administrator should be able to remove this.   



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tyler If the original transaction for the airfare was purchased on your corporate credit card, which it sounds like it was, then your company's SAP Concur Site Administrator can go in and Unhide the transaction so it will be visible. 


However, it sounds like your company blocks transactions with dates over so many days old, I'm guessing probably 60-90 days old. If that is the case, then there are two options:

1. Your site admin temporarily suspends the rule preventing the old transaction. I would use this as a very last resort. 

2. Is the credit showing as a corporate card transaction? If so, your site admin can hide this transaction from you so you cannot see it. That would fix the issue. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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