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Airfare expense is not showing as a card expense

I have received an expense for airfare that I need to move to an expense report.  When I do this, I receive a message that there is no corresponding charge to my corporate card.  The flight ticket was purchased in May and the trip was in July.  How do I resolve the "non-existent charge"? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rjleahy I looked in your account. Go back and look at your TEEX Annual 2022 expense report. Here is what you will see. 



The highlighted portion shows your Bank of America T&E card as the payment type. This lets you know it is a corporate card charge. Delete your current report, then just delete this pending item. You already submitted the expense. 


For future reference when you have a Pending item, especially airfare, always go back and look at your previously submitted reports. Likely you already submitted the card charge. 🙂


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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