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Advances - where to view the data?

Hi all,


We are at the beginning stage after implementation and go-live. Some staff have submitted advances, approved by their manager, and approved by Finance. Then all the Cash Advances disappear from the Advance Administration page. Then we try to look in the Payment Manager for the 'export' file so that we can issue payment through our Financial ERP, but we can only see regular expense claims there, no cash advances with the coding, totals, dates and other Data needed to record the payment in our ERP. Are data exports available somewhere for advances (otherwise this process is extremely manual).



Community Manager
Community Manager

@mcrackin I don't know if you have access to see the Configure Batches option under Payment Manager. If not, I do and can tell you that there isn't any Cash Advance batch set up. That's why you don't see anything under Payment Manager. I would contact the SAP Concur Implementation person you worked with. I'm not sure we give access to our customers to allow them to configure new batches. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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