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Advanced search query for Attendees


When clicking the Advanced Search button to add an attendee for a business meal, I get the white search query box.  When I type in a person's first name (or last), every single person I have ever had as an attendee that shares the first name or last comes up as an option and no way to delete from search results.  Also (and this is the worst one) when I first started using Concur if a attendee changed job title or I mispelled the name, instead of editing I would create a new attendee.  So now every itteration I have ever used comes up in the search and no ability to delete it.  Upon selecting the entry I want to delete, I can only edit it.  The delete option is there but it is greyed out.

On my profile I found a link for "favorite attendees" and I was able to delete all of the dupes there but they still come up in the search query.  Any way to clear all search results and start again?  I've recreated the occurance using a fake name and attached an image:








Thank you in advance


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From my understanding, the Advanced Search feature populates from a "List" in your expense setup. Ours is populated with a list of employee attendees from our HRIS.

Is it possible that there is an option set up in your Expense setup that is populating the master list with every attendee that your employees create? If so, you'll need to actually delete the duplicates in the master list.

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Ahhh ok.  So whenever a name is created, it writes it to a master list somewhere that apparently is set up in such a way that deletions can only be done by whoever set it up (hence the greyed out delete option).  Basically just a setting out of user access.

Makes sense, I'll reach out to that area of my company and ask.  Thank you

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If you have Admin access, you can navigate via Administration to Company > Tools > Attendee Admin and inactivate duplicate attendee records.

We have `Employee' Attendees created from the SYSEMP file, which is updated from the Employee Import (Employee details extracted from our Payroll System)  and do not allow users to add `Employee' Attendees, avoiding the duplication of Employee Attendee records.