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Advanced Configuration Training

Good afternoon, Community!


I am reaching out to anyone who has received the Concur Expense Advanced Configuration training. 

Would you be so kind as to share your experience and thoughts on the training?


Also, before you received the training, what was your experience with Concur Support for your configuration needs? 


Currently, my primary focus/concern is on workflows. So any thoughts on that are appreciated as well.


Thank you,



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I did the training for expense back in Jan. We spent a bit of time understanding policy, forms, expense types and workflow. Overall it was a good training with a knowledgeable instructor. I would recommend it. 

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Hi @mnash1  Peggy

I have not taken any training course. So I can't comment on that.


We have a consulting company that is a partner of Concur that provides us assistance, and as I gain knowledge I require less and less of them. Currently we're very autonomous in almost everything.


What I do is that when we have something to solve I look for it in "Saint Google", SAP Tranning website, webinars, in Contact Support,  Customer Influence and above all in Concur Community.


At Contact Support I have opened a lot of cases, and the truth is that sometimes it takes a long time to respond. I have cases that have been answered and we interacted, but they are still open, specifically cases regarding the purchase of Rail tickets




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I took the training in 2019 and it has paid off many times over.  I implemented concur with consultants in 2016 and had advance care support but the ability to configure or adjust the site as needed is much better.  We still have advance care support who help guide me when I get stuck but since the training I've launched Concur from start to finish in multiple countries.  

If you have the opportunity to take the training I definitely recommend it.