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Admin - Corporate Cards Feed - Setup

Hello -


we are new users and I can't figure out how to add corporate credit cards to Concur so all the feeds get in. We have two corporate credit cards, the company pays for both, I do not necessarily need to assign them to any employee as I manage them anyways. But I need to be able to apply project, category and receipt to each transaction. Please Help.

Thank you!



Community Manager
Community Manager

@mfreitova question for you...these two cards programs...I take it your employees actually have company cards assigned to them, is that correct?


If so, then to have transactions come in, you have to do two things: 1. Set up the cards in the Payment Type area of Expense Settings. 2. Work with SAP Concur to get the paperwork filled out and submitted to each of the banks. Whomever your SAP Concur implementation person was or your assigned customer success person should be able to help with the paperwork.


Now, here is the big caveat...these transactions will come into SAP Concur, but in order for transactions to be assigned projects, categories and receipts, the cards need to be assigned to someone. You could certainly assign all the company cards to yourself and manage all the transactions from all your employees. You can also assign the cards to the employees and have them fill out expense reports. Here they can assign a project, category and receipts to the expenses. 


It it were me, I would assign the cards in the system to your employees and have them reconcile the transactions. This will be a lot less work for you. 


Oh, there is another option...each employee using a company card assigns you as their Expense Delegate. This allows you to go into their accounts, see their transactions and add them to an expense report for them. 


Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin, thank you for your answer, this is actually very helpful! I didn't know there needed to be paperwork filled out. Do you know who I can reach out to? We did not have an implementation specialist or anyone else assigned to help with setting things up. I did everything on my own, but struggling with this. Our salesperson is not responding to my email. 

Please let me know who can I contact. Thank you!

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HI Kevin,


We are also starting to roll out Corporate Credit card in our organization. Do you have details end to end process and architecture diagram ?

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