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Addendum reports

Is there an additional cost for sending back a lone expense which subsequently creates a new Addendum Report?

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @C1aro,

This is a good question! Have you reached out to your company's authorized support contact? They may have some insight on this topic for your company's specific instance. 

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hello @C1aro - I think you're referencing the Split Expense Report Approval feature.

You would consider turning on the “Split Expense Report Approval” feature on in Concur Expense to enable your organization's approvers to reject a single line item on an expense report, allowing the remainder to be paid to the corporate card or reimbursed to the user.

While this customer-requested feature does reinforce good education to the end users as to why an expense line item was rejected and streamlines the process, the rejected line item does start a new expense report.

There is no cost to use this feature, but the new expense report does count as a distinct report to be considered in your contracted number of monthly expense reports.

- Clay Thompson @ SAP Concur