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Add email in Approval Flow


does anyone know how to permanently add emails in the approval flow of an account? I am a faculty member and my students and postdocs request reimbursment from accounts that I am managing. Unfortunately the University's Concur support does not provide an automatic way to add in each account the Principal Investigator's email in the approval flow. As you can imagine, reimbursment can be seeked without the approval of the PI.

Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not clear on exactly what you are asking. How can they request reimbursement without the approval of the PI? Where is the approval coming from then, if not from the PI? Please clarify for me exactly what you are trying to accomplish. It sounds like you are wanting expense reports from certain people (students and postdocs) to go to you for approval. Is that correct? 

Please let me know and I'll better be able to answer your question. 


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Dear Kevin,

thank you for your response. Let me clarify: All the accounts that are under the faculty members research grants have the Chair of the department as the first person in the approval flow. As you can imagine, it is very time consuming and almost impossible for the Chair to know which account is managed by which faculty member and ask each faculty (PI of account) if they agree with every single expense submitted.

We request that the PI is added as the first approver after the expense is being submitted by the student/postdoc (who have access to the FOAPAL in their concur account). We have asked within the University and told us that such an automatic option is not available, which is extremely hard ro belive. I would expect that it is a simple option for whoever sets up the account in concur to add the PI in the approval flow. Can you please explain how this can be achieved?


Thank you in advance,