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Activity Report for Employee User Profile

Is there a standard report I can run to get a history report on an employee profile to give to Audit? Essentially I need a timestamped report on all the maintenance done on an employee profile that shows exactly when an employee was terminated in the system.

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Re: Activity Report for Employee User Profile

We need the same thing! Please let me know if you find it!

I'm going to Fusion
I'm going to Fusion

Re: Activity Report for Employee User Profile

What about the "User Profile Changes Version 2" report (in case you use Concur Travel)

It is available under --> Reporting --> Travel Reports --> General (section) --> User Profile Changes Version 2".

The direct link (for european instances) is:

It does not show each and every change to the user profile, but "ACCOUNT_TERMINATION_DATE" is included at least.


Another option is to use Intelligence reporting, in case you have access to that.

Regards, Alex