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Accounting Posting Treatment for Expense Pay (EP)

Hi All, 

We are going to configure the Expense Pay (EP) service. 

Before that we would like to evaluate how should be the posting treatment. 


We know it is supported through ICS, and we would like to proceed in that way.

But we would like to know if there are any peculiarities/constraints/limitations in terms of accounting posting.


@KevinD  I thought would be better to share this via community discussion, in case someone already handled that (or in future would need to)

Do you guys/kevin have nay documentation/links regarding that?


Thanks to everyone!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dox9958 yes, posting on the community is a great way to get responses. 


If I may ask, are you a customer or is your company a certified partner or both? I'm asking because I looked up your profile and I didn't see you as a site admin, so when you say you are configuring Expense Pay, are you doing this at your company or configuring for one of your customers?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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