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Accounting Interface: Balance in Transaction Currency Message no. RW033

Hello guys,


I'm using the BADI BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_ADJUST_DOC, I made an adjustment in the ADJUST_AD_POSTING_DOCUMENT method, in order to allow posting in the special ledger, however the system is presenting me with an error message Accounting Interface: Balance in Transaction Currency 100.00- (BRL). Message RW033.


Has anyone been through this?


Metodo Adjust_ad_posting_document:


    LOOP AT ct_accit ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<l_fs_accit>).

       IF <l_fs_accit>-bschl EQ '31'.

          <l_fs_accit>-bschl = '39'.

          <l_fs_accit>-umskz = 'A' "CODIGO CME.


           DELETE ct_accit INDEX sy-tabix. " Remove debit line



"Remove debit line

    LOOP AT ct_acccr ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<l_fs_acccr>).

       IF <l_fs_acccr>-wrbtr GT 0.

           DELETE ct_acccr INDEX sy-tabix.




Message error

Accounting Interface: Balance in Transaction Currency                   100,00- (BRL)

Message no. RW033


The balances in transaction currency must be zero for each logical transaction when transferring to the FI/CO interface. A balance of "                  100,00-" "BRL" was determined for the logical transaction "".

System Response

The FI/CO interface does not process any transactions which have a balance in transaction currency other than zero.


This is a system error in the calling application.


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Yes i was getting this when i implemented financial integration, can you please msg me private so we dicuss as here we have to change in ERP, here concur settings is fine

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi I got this issue can u please help me on the same