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Accidentally Closed a Pre-Approval and need it re-opened

Hello - I saw a similar incident in another post and the solution included additional support.  Can someone assist in connecting me to the person that can re-open my closed trip approval?


Thank you,



Community Manager
Community Manager

@JPiercy Hello there. The best thing to do to find out who could do this for you is open one of your past expense reports. To do this log in to SAP Concur, click Expense at the top of the screen. This takes you to the Manage Expenses screen. Now, depending on which user interface you are using you will either see Report Library on the right side of the screen or you will see a link that says Active Reports. Whichever you see, click it. If you clicked Report Library, the next screen default view will be reports from the last 90 days. If you clicked Active Reports, the drop down options appear. Select Last 90 Days. Once the list of reports have appeared, click any report to open it. From here you will click either Report Details or Details. From this drop down select Audit Trail. Here you can see all the approvals of the report. Look for the name of the person who changed the report from Approved & In Accounting Review to Approved. This will be someone who could have access to reopen your Trip Approval. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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