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Occasional Member - Level 1


Hello Concur Team, I have 1 doubt about how to legalize some cash advance.

Appears a cash advance under the name: "ATM/EFT DISPUTE TEMP CREDIT REVERSAL" for value 57,45.  What mean and why?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Juanchosanz did you use your corporate card at an ATM or did you recently dispute a corporate card charge?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin, on May 21st I had a problem with Amex. That day I made a cash advance of $57.45 US but at AMEX and Concur it came out twice. So, I opened a dispute in AMEX and attached it to Concur in the expense account in the name of Gastos de Mayo 2022, creating a miscellaneous expense per $322,000 Cop. GE Audit subsequently wrote to me: "One or more of the expenses you have submitted have failed receipt validation. The date of the receipt does not match the date of the credit card transaction." I was checking and here I made a typinng error. My mistake was that the correct value was $222,000 and not $322,000. GE Audit recently created an expense report for me to pay back the surplus. So far everything is understandable, but this advance ("ATM/EFT DISPUTE TEMP CREDIT REVERSAL" for a value of 57.45) surely corresponds to the doubled cash advance. How can I legalize it?