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APAC Issues with Time Lapse on Report Server

Curious on how other companies deal with their APAC users and extracting data from the Cognos Intelligence Server when based in the NA Data Center due to the time delay.  It is my understanding that the report server is updated from Concur activitiy at 11:00PM PST so it seems like the APAC team would need to wait an extra day to see their activitiy reflected.  


For example, If APAC post the Concur claim on June 24th morning (APAC time), will it appear in the report on June 23rd 11:00PM PST? Or it will only appear in the report on June 24th 11:00PM PST? The huge time difference will make the reports unreliable for accrual/payment run purposes from the local team


Wanted to get thoughts on how others deal with this


Thank you



Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
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Re: APAC Issues with Time Lapse on Report Server





Hi Tom,


As a group we are based on Sydney but run on the North America data centre.  It has proved challenging for us initially, but after many tickets we have got most things working well.

Working with support, we choose to move our overnight processing to the 1am PST / 6pm local time processing window, included within is the extract to the Cognos Intelligence Server.  

Issues with expenses flagging as being in the future were resolved once our sites time zone was correctly set.

Reminder emails and credit card imports have been removed from overnight processing to align with the business hours.  Both now run during the morning Sydney time (although with every change to daylight saving in either America or Australia these need to be adjusted), this is inline with when local card providers send data to Concur and our team are working to take note of the reminder emails.