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AMEX Expense not showing up on expense report

Hello. I have recently traveled and utilized my AMEX card for my purchases. Started 9/27/21 and concluded my travels on 10/3/21. All expenses are showing up on my Amex account, however, none of them are showing up on my travel expense. I have been doing this for many years without issue, now it suddenly happens like this. What can I do? 

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dear @mojavered 

within a day since the transactions appears on your AMEX statement they should be in the Concur system.

There could be a few options which I think or your credit card is not assigned on the system or it is assigned accidentally to another employee. Did you try to contact your Concur system administrator ? They should be able to solve this.


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Occasional Member - Level 1

How do I contact the Concur Administrator as my boss's expenses are not showing up in Concur once they hit her Amex card.

New Member - Level 1

No, but will do. Thanks.